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To change your password in the admin, you’ll head to the Security section from the Account page. Click Change your password and then enter your current password and your new password there.

If you don’t remember your password, then we can send a password reset to the email address we have on file.

Your shop’s contact email can be changed from the Account page in your admin. Click Edit profile and adjust the contact email there. For added security, you’ll need to enter your password to verify the change. Keep in mind that the contact email is used to determine account ownership. You’ll want to make sure you are using an email that can send and receive emails and be sure to triple-check your spelling before saving your changes!

You can change your shop name and URL from the Account page in your Big Cartel admin. To change your shop name, click Edit Profile and adjust your shop name there. Click Edit your shop info to change your Shop URL and click Save changes. Our system will let you know if the new subdomain you choose is available or not.

Big Cartel doesn’t offer order manufacturing or fulfillment, so you’d want to get your merchandise created on your end. Then as orders come in, you’d be responsible for shipping them out. Our job is to provide the hosting for your web store/checkout system.

If you’re looking for spots to help manufacture your goods or sell via print-on-demand, check out our integrations with Printful or Art of Where.

Closing an account is permanent, so make sure you're really ready before you proceed. We can't recover any deleted account data once you've closed.

You can follow the steps here to close your shop on your end, or we can take care of that for you if you reach out to [email protected].

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Our support team is available Monday - Friday from 8am-6pm EST.