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  • Updated on 12 April 2024
  • 5 min read

Shop name

This is the name of your shop and what your customers will see in your shop, on the order confirmation emails and in search engines like Google.

Profile Image and Shop Description

This is the image and description used for your shop when links are shared on social media like Facebook or when your shop shows up in search results like on Google. Neither of these appear directly in your shop.

For your profile image, we recommend at image sizes of at least 800x800

When crafting your shop description, keep these best practices in mind:

✨ Showcase your unique story and what inspires your creations in a concise, engaging way to captivate potential customers. πŸ” Incorporate relevant keywords that describe your products and style to improve your shop's visibility in search results. πŸ’¬ Keep it friendly, authentic, and true to your brand voice to build a connection with your audience. πŸ“ Aim for a description between 150-300 characters to ensure it displays well on various devices and platforms.

Remember, your shop description is often the first impression people have of your brand, so make it count! Let your creativity shine and give customers a glimpse into the heart and soul behind your incredible artworks.

Shop URL

Your shop URL (___.bigcartel.com) is where your store is located on the web. You can change this anytime.

Heads up! Remember to update any links you have pointing to your old shop URL so the links continue to function.

Custom domain

You can register a custom domain (like myartshop.com) and connect it to your Big Cartel shop for a more personalized shop address. Custom domains can be added in as little as 15 mins and can cost as low as $1 for the first year! Check out our setup steps for more help.

Other Website

If you've got a main site you want to link back to, drop the URL in here and a "back to site" link will be created automatically in your shop's navigation. If you don’t have another website, no problem β€” just leave this section blank.


  1. Log in at my.bigcartel.com.

  2. Go to Account.

  3. Click Edit your shop info.

  4. Click on any field to make edits, then click Save.

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