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  • Updated on 6 October 2023
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Custom pages are the perfect way to share more in-depth information with customers. Each one you create is automatically added to your store’s navigation. Here are a few ways to take advantage of this feature in your own shop.

📖 Give more information

  • Include an About or Bio page to tell your story and show off what makes your shop special.

  • Set up a Frequently Asked Questions or Policies page to give everyone the rundown on what to expect when ordering from you.

📸 Show off your work

  • Put together a lookbook and include shots from your latest collection, all on its own page in your shop.

  • Add an Instagram gallery to display happy customers with your products.


📹 Supply visuals

  • Embed media, like videos or a music player.

  • Add images by uploading from your device or drag and drop.

  • You can even change the dimensions after adding them and include alt-text for improved accessibility.

📄 Control the format

  • You have complete control of the page, choose how you'd like to see text aligned.

  • Clear formatting that accidentally pasted itself in.

  • Undo/Redo as you please.

  • Easily switch between text and code.

👯‍♀️ Make new friends

  • Embed a newsletter signup form in a custom page to collect fans.

  • Share a list of brick-and-mortar shops that stock your goods, with info on how a new retailer can add your work to their inventory.

The best part is it’s super simple to add and edit pages in your admin. You can even drag and drop your images and include clickable links without needing to do any coding. So go on, get writing!


  1. Head to the Account page in your admin

  2. Click Design.

  3. Click into the Pages section.

  4. Click the Add a new page + button

  5. Name your page and add in your content. Use the editor buttons to drop in images or links, or get fancy by editing in HTML mode.

  6. When you’re ready to commit, click Publish. To undo changes, click Discard.

If you’re not quite ready to publish, click Exit and your changes will be auto saved but not published. After you publish, your page link will appear in your store’s navigation.

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