• Updated on 26 February 2024
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Use Stripe to easily accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and almost any other kind of credit or debit card in your Big Cartel shop. With Stripe you can also offer alternative payment methods such as Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. You can find additional info under Stripe payment methods.

Bonus: With Stripe enabled in your shop, your customers using Apple Pay can speed up their purchase by placing an order from the Product page.



  1. Head to the Account area of your Big Cartel admin.

  2. Click Edit your payment options, and click Connect next to Stripe.

  3. You'll be prompted to set up a new Stripe account, or log in to an existing one to connect it to your shop. Learn more about the information Stripe requires to set up an account here.

  4. When that step is complete, you'll be redirected back to your Big Cartel admin, and you're all set!

Payment methods

Big Cartel shops using Stripe as a payment processor also have the ability to offer additional payment methods. The payment methods we currently support via Stripe are:

  • Affirm

  • Afterpay

  • Apple Pay

  • Clearpay

  • Googlepay

  • Klarna

  • Microsoft pay

Bear in mind, some of these payment methods are only available to customers in specific regions, and transaction fees may vary. If you have questions about a specific payment method, we recommend you contact Stripe.

The payment options currently enabled by default when enabling Stripe as a payment processor include credit card payments via Stripe, Afterpay, Clearpay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Managing Payment methods

If you want to disable any payment methods, or enable additional payment methods, that can be managed from your Stripe dashboard by clicking the gear icon (Settings) in the top right of your Stripe dashboard.

Then select Payment methods under the Payments section in the top left.

On the next page, you may see a dropdown menu to the right with the prompt Select your platform__. If so, you will want to make sure to select Big Cartel from that menu:

Select Your Platform - Checkout Updates.png

Otherwise, you should see Big Cartel listed underneath your account name in the top left of your Stripe dashboard:

Payment Methods Header Nav.png

From there, you can enable the payment options you want to include at checkout by selecting the Turn on button to the right of each option.

Any option that has been enabled will be listed as On with a green checkmark next to it, and will display as a payment option at checkout.

To disable a payment option, select the option, and then click the Turn off button.


  • The transaction fee for Afterpay and Clearpay orders is 6% of the order total + $0.30. The transaction fee for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit card orders remains Stripe’s standard 2.9% of the order total + $0.30.

  • Your first payout through Stripe can take up to 14 days to show up. After that, payouts will be made on a rolling basis on a 2, 4, or 7 day schedule.

  • Payout schedules depend on the country you’re based in and your business type. You can learn more here.

  • You can also choose to have payments sent either weekly or monthly in your Stripe account’s payout settings.

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