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  • Updated on 18 April 2024
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If you’re using Stripe as a payment processor, in addition to providing Google Pay as a payment method on the checkout page, customers can skip the cart and checkout form in your shop by purchasing their product directly from the product page.

This feature eliminates any additional steps for customers who are focused on purchasing a specific product. However, if customers want to browse and purchase multiple items or take advantage of a discount, they should proceed through the regular checkout flow.

Express checkout with Stripe and Google Pay


Enabling Stripe in your shop also gives your customers access to Express checkout. Buyers with compatible devices and browsers can speed through checkout using payment methods they’re already familiar with, saving time and increasing conversion rates in your shop. Express Checkout currently supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link as possible payment options, which appear at the top of the page during the checkout process.

When a buyer selects an Express Checkout option it’ll submit their pre-saved shipping, contact, and payment information, allowing them to skip the rest of the checkout page and purchase items in your shop with confidence and ease.

🚧 Requirements

In order to accept Google Pay in your shop, you must have Stripe set up to accept payments. Google Pay is automatically enabled for your Stripe account and will be displayed as a payment option for customers at checkout on their devices.

If you want to add Google Pay as an option on your product pages, make sure your shop's storefront is using the latest version of the theme. If you need help updating your theme, we have step-by-step instructions available.

Please note that the Google Pay button will only be visible to customers who have it set up on their device. If available, it will appear as an additional checkout button on your product listings and checkout page


🗣There are a few limitations to keep in mind to ensure a speedy checkout experience with Google Pay. On the product page, customers can only purchase one product at a time and cannot apply discount codes. However, if customers proceed to the checkout page, they can use Google Pay to process payment for multiple products and apply a discount code to their order.

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