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  • Updated on 21 July 2023
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If you’re using Stripe as a payment processor, in addition to providing Apple Pay as a payment method on the checkout page, customers with Apple Pay enabled can breeze past the cart and checkout form in your shop by purchasing their product directly from the product page.

This feature will remove any extra steps to purchase for customers that have their eye on that one special product. If your customers want to browse and purchase more or take advantage of a generous discount, they’ll want to proceed through the regular checkout flow.

🚧 Requirements

To take advantage of Apple Pay, you'll need to have Stripe set up in your shop to accept payments. You'll also need to be using the latest version of the theme in your shop's storefront. If you need to update your theme, no worries! We walk you through that process here.

The Apple Pay button won't display for all customers. Only customers that have Apple Pay set up on their device will see the additional checkout button on your product listings and on the checkout page. It'll look like this on the product page.


🗣A couple of things to keep in mind. We want to make Apple Pay as speedy as possible, this means there are a couple of limitations - from within the product page, only one product can be purchased and discount codes can’t be applied. If a customer heads to the checkout page, they can process payment for multiple products using Apple Pay and apply a discount code to their order.

Customize it

Looking to change up the look of the Apple Pay button? There's a little leeway there if you're on a paid plan. You'll just need to adjust a bit of HTML.

Head to Design > Code > Product from the Account page in your admin and look for the following:

You can pass in arguments to adjust the color scheme, height, or both like so:

That color value can be light, dark, or light-outline, and you can play around with the height until it looks just right to you.

Disable it

To remove Apple Pay from the checkout page, head to Settings > Payment methods in your Stripe dashboard, select Big Cartel from the Select your platform field, scroll down to Wallet section, select Apple Pay, and click the Turn off button. Read more about managing additional payment methods offered by Stripe: Stripe payment methods.

You can also easily remove the Apple Pay button on your product pages by adding a little bit of CSS.

Just head to Design > Code > CSS from the Account page in your admin and add the following to the very bottom of the page:

Click Done and Publish and you'll be all set, but feel free to reach out to our support team if you need a hand or have any questions.

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