Holiday Rush Calendar

Holiday Rush Calendar

Here are some important dates and deadlines to get your shop ready for the holiday shopping season. When it comes to the holidays, it's never too early to prepare.

September 29: New product planning

If you've got some new items in mind for the holidays, now's the time to get started. Keep in mind that most holiday shopping happens in mid-to-late November, so start early - especially on items where vendors are responsible for part of your production. While some of the issues that businesses experienced in 2020 and 2021 have lessened, we're still seeing supply chain issues and occasional shipping delays.

October 4: Encourage early birds

With more folks worried about money these days, some people may be kicking off holiday shopping earlier than ever to spread expenses out over a longer period. Accomodate their cash flow planning (and keep your own shipping and production needs simpler) by pushing up your own timeline. Release any new or holiday-themed products earlier to catch those organized folks before their shopping is done! And then keep on promoting your great goods throughout the late months of the year to maintain momentum (and help out the procrastinators).

October 12: To market, to market

If you're returning to in-person holiday markets, craft fairs, or art shows, start planning inventory, signage, and other details. That way you won't be trying to ship holiday orders while also building a custom display for your items in November. Don't forget some extra hand sanitizer!

October 25: Production mode

Are you spending late nights printing, sewing, carving, or painting those final details on your products? Remember to post a process video to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. People love a look behind the scenes.

October 31: Set it and forget it

You'll want to post frequently, and on multiple social media platforms, throughout the holiday shopping season. Make your life a little easier by signing up for a service like Planoly, Buffer, or IFTTT. Depending on the service, you can schedule tweets, move drafts around, or post the same content on multiple channels. (Trust us, it's worth it.)

If this isn’t your first rodeo or you need some additional tools for scheduling and analytics, Amber Discko pulled together some great suggestions for your Social Media Toolkit. While you're shipping orders, doing some shopping of your own, or just enjoying that leftover pie, your business will keep on promoting your products, thanks to your planning.

November 3: Prep for a shop update

As you finish up any new products, start figuring out pricing and shoot photos so that everything's looking its best. Get a start on product photography with our DIY tips or by finding the right professional to help you out.

November 7: Final touches

Is your shop looking great? It's a good time to head to Design and make sure that your current layout, fonts, and colors are working to their best ability.

November 11: Singles Day

Have you heard of Singles Day? It's a shopping holiday that started in China, and it's become the world's largest shopping event. If you're a store that caters to China or ships internationally, it's a great idea to acknowledge this date in your marketing. Maybe your discounts can't beat the slashed prices on Alibaba (and it probably wouldn't be sustainable anyhow), but nods to any local holidays or shopping customs show an awareness of your audience and work with their established spending habits.

November 14: The cherry on top

Think about how you can make life easier for shoppers. Encourage them to write a gift note (use our handy Notes to Seller field!) or throw in a little something extra to bring on those warm holiday feelings.

November 15: Don't forget to post

Shoppers love independent stores because they feel like they know the person or team behind the brand.

Let your personality shine through on social media and remind your community how much their support means to your business. Show them your inspiration and give them a glimpse of why you love doing what you do.

November 18: Remind your customers to shop

Most holiday shopping happens November 25th through 28th, so send out a newsletter in advance and throw in a discount code while you’re at it.

November 21: Build some buzz

Remember all those great new product shots you took? Share a different one each day to get customers excited.

Heads up: Around this time UPS Ground will begin taking one day longer than usual, so review and update your shipping estimates as needed, including a mention of any holiday-related delays.

November 25: Black Friday

Today is the official start of the holiday shopping season. While employees at big box stores are setting their alarms to be at work by 2 am, you're the lucky owner of an online store, so your doors can open wide before you even change out of your pajamas. You’ve been working towards this day all month, so share product and process photos throughout the day, and remind shoppers that when they visit your store, they’re supporting an independent artist and business owner.

November 26: Small Business Saturday

This shopping day is yours! Post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever platform you prefer, and share your story as an independent business owner. And of course remember to shop small, independent brands yourself.

Check out some of the best indie shops tagged on Instagram under #bigcartel and #shopindie.

November 28: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a special shopping day just for online stores (like yours!), so be ready for the rush.

Use social media to tell customers they can still shop indie, even while sitting on their couch and wearing their softest sweatshirt. And if you've got a discount code about to expire, remind customers when they have just a few hours left - they'll appreciate the heads up after a weekend full of sales and promotions.

December 2: Don't delay, ship today! (Or tomorrow)

Now's the time to encourage customers (especially your international fans) to place their order. Standard shipping should still do the trick for most holiday orders through the weekend, but it's best to be ahead of the game this year.

December 6: Last day for international shipping

Wow, that was fast! Shipping carriers are delivering even more gifts and everyday essentials these days, so they're plenty busy without last-minute orders. Send out one final reminder to your far-flung friends to order now.

December 8: No time like the present

Hanukkah starts the evening of December 18 this year, so a slightly earlier shipping deadline will cover the bases for both major winter holidays. Make sure to give your customers notice about any cutoff dates!

December 12: Shipping deadlines are approaching

Christmas is coming on December 25, so make sure shoppers plan accordingly when placing late orders. Check with your preferred carriers, but here are a few estimated deadlines for delivery before December 24 within the United States:

  • USPS First Class Mail: December 17

  • FedEx Ground: December 14

  • UPS Ground: December 16

  • USPS Priority Mail: December 19

December 14: Help out those late shoppers

Create a product for Express Shipping or make sure you have an option within Shipping Profiles and help those procrastinators get their goods before the holiday. You can also offer upgraded shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.

December 18: Manage expectations

Make sure customers know that orders may not reach them before the holidays. It’s OK to deliver after December 25 as long as shoppers are informed.

December 24: Take a break

Enjoy a well-earned break! Once all of your shipping is done, put your shop in Maintenance Mode, pull on your comfiest sweats, and relax. Spend time this season with your loved ones, celebrating whatever holiday suits you. Good job, you made it.

January 2: Welcome new friends

The gifts have been opened, and jealous friends or new fanatics will be heading your way to grab their own goods. So open that store back up, and make sure your FAQs are updated for the folks that need to exchange a shirt for a different size (gift givers can't get it right 100% of the time, after all).

27 September 2022

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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