Consider This When Making New Products

Consider This When Making New Products

We're here to help you work through some questions and avoid potential pitfalls as you expand your product line.

There are lots of reasons to create new products for your shop. Maybe you want to grow your business, break into new markets, or offer a seasonal selection. Or perhaps you just want the creative challenge of making something new. Whatever the case, let us help you understand if you should stick with what you’ve got or if it’s time to start expanding.

Before you start

Adding more products to your store is exciting, but beware that it can make things more complicated. You may have to provide a different level of customer support for returns or replacements. You’ll have to store, pack, and ship the items. You’ll have to photograph the new products to match your existing product shots. Those are just a few things that may present unexpected challenges when offering a new product. Make sure you’ve really thought this through.

Bottom line: You'll spend time and money on products that may not sell immediately. And it may take a while to make your money back. Are you prepared to take that risk?


OK, ready? Time to brainstorm

Shops and products vary wildly, so the best advice we can give is in the form of questions. Ask yourself these questions, and in the process, hopefully you'll spark some ideas for a great new product or two.

Think about yourself

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What skills do you want to learn?

  • What do you wish existed but doesn't?

  • Is there something only you could make?

Work with what you have

  • How could your current designs be reinvented for new goods?

  • What alternative color or material could you use for an existing product?

  • What would an upgraded version of an existing product look like?

  • What would a less expensive version of an existing product be?

Look for inspiration in your community

  • What would your existing customers love?

  • If you work with a manufacturer, what other items do they offer?

  • Imagine you had a physical retail space: What products would be in the window?

  • What do your favorite brands carry? What's your take on those products?

Make it special

  • Can you offer the perfect gift for summer, holidays, or other seasonal events?

  • Is there a limited-edition version of the things you make?

  • Do you have a handmade product that you could make larger batches of?

Go Get 'Em

Creating new products can help take your brand to the next level. If you're in a creative rut, looking at different products may be what the doctor ordered to make things fun again. Be mindful of any potential added costs and complexities, but don't hesitate to tap into your creativity and freshen up your shop.

Next Steps

10 January 2017

Words by:Richard Laing

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