Quick Tips for Holiday Selling

Quick Tips for Holiday Selling

You've got a million things to remember as you prep your shop for the holidays.

While you’ve been busy preparing for the holiday shopping season, we’ve gathered together a few of our best ideas to make selling a little smoother. Take a deep breath, choose a tip or two you’d like to try, and you’re on your way to a great holiday season.

Before Black Friday

  • Clearly communicate your shipping cutoff dates on the main page of your shop, emails, and social media. Informed customers are happy customers!

  • If you're launching new products throughout the season, load them all into your shop now with a Hidden status, then switch them to Active when you're ready.

  • While those products are still Hidden, grab the URL preview at the bottom of the product listing page to add to a newsletter or social media post draft. As long as you don't change the product name before launch, that URL should work just fine once you change to Active status. (Test those links before you send the email, just in case!)

  • Plan your marketing ahead: use an app to schedule social media posts and write up a newsletter in advance. You’ll have more time for shipping orders, while still getting the word out.

  • Consider updating your product photography or design to give your shop a fresh look for the season.

  • Review your shop policies and update as needed - it's an especially wise idea to give yourself a little extra cushion on your standard shipping timeframe.

  • If you sell any items that you have printed on-demand, you can easily create a new color or style option to expand your product offerings. It's a quick way to update your shop with new items that doesn't require any cash upfront.

Throughout the busy season

  • Create different discount codes for each social media or marketing platform so you can quickly compare which avenue generates the most sales.

  • A promo doesn’t have to be a sale: some shops donate a portion of sales to their favorite charity. It’s a way to show your priorities and make people feel great about choosing your store.

  • Once orders start rolling in, use the new bulk editing feature to print all of their order slips at once.

  • Don't forget to take a breather. The holidays are a busy and often stressful time even when you're not working overtime, so don't get burnt out.

  • Remember that other people are probably stressed too, and they're just trying to buy the perfect gifts for their loved ones. If a customer complaint comes in, know it's not personal and take it in stride. Treating someone right, even on a return outside of your return window, can make a customer who will return and spend a lot more in the future.

Good luck! You've got this. We're here if you need us, and proud to cheer you on.

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4 November 2021

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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