Promoting Your Shop With Facebook

Promoting Your Shop With Facebook

A dizzying two billion people use Facebook every month.

For businesses, it can help you find new customers, connect with like-minded folks, and build your own community. It can be hard to know where to start, but fear not! This simple guide will help you get started and figure out how to make Facebook work for you.

Establish and build your page

As with any social media platform, your profile paints a picture of you, your brand, and what you're all about. More and more, a Facebook page acts as a second website - a place where people go to find information and make sure you’re a credible, established operation.

In comparison to most other social platforms, your Facebook page allows you to share much more detail about yourself than anywhere else, so take advantage of this opportunity to share as much information as possible. Fill out your profile with as many details as feels right for you. We'd recommend making sure your contact info is listed and accurate, adding a call to action button, filling out the About section, and going above and beyond to make sure your page feels like a thoughtfully put together extension of you.

Pro-tip: You can convert your page to a business page.

Find your people

Once your profile is all set, let people know about it! Post from your personal Facebook account and invite friends to follow your business page. Shout about it on other social media platforms and in your newsletter, if you have one. Add a link to your page on your shop or other websites. Any printed materials are a great place to include your Facebook page URL, too. Business cards, and packaging are a few places to consider.

Experiment with posting

There's so much to play around with when posting: from the type of posts you share to the timing and frequency. We encourage you to experiment with all the possibilities because, well, variety is the spice of life, isn't it?!

Mix up the types of post you share on your page. From links to photos to videos, there's so much you can do to keep things fresh and exciting, so make sure you're taking advantage of the many different ways you can post.

Where it makes sense, tag people and places. You’ll bring new people into the conversation and help your followers discover things they might like. Plus, it’s always good to support your craft fair’s cool venue or the band who opened your show last night.

See something from another maker in your community that you love? Why not smash that "Share" button and reshare it to your page? Not only are you supporting the work of other folks like you, you're giving followers a look into your personal interests, too.

Use Publishing tools

Social media can be a lot to manage, so knowing the tools available to you can save you a lot of time (and potential headaches). Within your Facebook page you can access Publishing Tools which allow you to create drafts, schedule posts, and generally manage what you're sharing. If you're just getting started and trying to post consistently, carve out some time to schedule your posts in advance and trickle them out during the week.

Connect your shop

That's right! You can connect your shop to your Facebook page and make it easy for folks to browse, like, and click to purchase products directly from your shop.

Track your progress

Insights is Facebook’s stats feature, and you can use it to understand how people are interacting with your page and posts. Check in from time to time to see how things are going. Remix posts that didn’t catch on the first time. See if your theories about what people like panned out. But also trust your gut, and don’t get too caught up in the stats. Ultimately it's best to determine what stats make sense for you to pay attention to and share what feels good and exciting to you. Facebook's algorithm is always evolving, so keep trying new things to see how your audience responds.


Before you jump in, remember - you don’t have to start a Facebook page for your shop. Maybe your time will be better spent marketing on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. We’re hoping these tips make things a little less daunting, but if you don’t feel like you have the time or energy to manage a Facebook page, just don’t do it.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by Facebook. Try to think of it in simpler terms - a tool that can help you connect with people. That’s it. Be yourself, have fun, and try to create meaningful connections.

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11 October 2018

Words by:Richard Laing

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