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POWR offers dozens of widgets and app plugins that make it easier to build and grow your small business on Big Cartel.

Installation and setup requires no code or complex technical setup. You'll just need a paid Big Cartel plan, and a few minutes and you'll be able to add apps and widgets like social feeds, popups, forms and more!


  • Seamless integration with your Big Cartel shop, no complex technical setup

  • Easy and fast installation that doesn’t require any coding skills

  • Fully-customized to match your shop's brand

  • Free plugins to get you started

  • Flexible pricing plans, only pay for what you need

It’s a simple no-code solution for anyone looking to boost their store traffic, without needing technical expertise or help from an expensive web developer.



  1. Connect your Big Cartel shop by POWR by clicking here. If you aren't already signed into Big Cartel, you'll be prompted to. After that, a free POWR account will be created for you.

  2. On POWR's site, you will see a curated list of templates and widgets that are ready to use. Select one you'd like to use.

  3. Customize the widget then when you're done, click publish.

  4. You'll be prompted to select a page on your shop for the POWR widget to appear. Select teh page and click publish again.

  5. That's it! Our special integration with POWR automatically installs the widget in your shop without the need to copy any code.

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