An army of artists

Whether they’re starting a passionate side project, or making a full-time living selling unique goods online, nearly a million artists and makers have used Big Cartel to easily set up shop and get back to doing what they love. Here are a few of our favorites.

Leah Goren
When illustrator Leah Goren created a cat print in 2010, her designs quickly got attention from bloggers and press. She’s been selling scarves, ceramics, and (you guessed it) plenty of cat designs from her Brooklyn, New York studio ever since.
Rachel Antonoff
Friends of Type
Winding Wheel Supply
Looking for a better way to carry the tools of his trade, drummer Kenny Bozich created a custom stick roll, which led him to a passion for leatherwork. He expanded his range to wallets, belts, and other items and opened Winding Wheel Supply in 2014.
Father Daughter Records
Jean and Oliver Pelle create beautiful nature-inspired lighting, furniture, and other objects. Based in Brooklyn, New York, they opened their online shop PELLE in 2011, and also sell wholesale and in their New York showroom.
Nic Annette Miller
Gnome Enterprises
Herriott Grace
Lance Herriott initially created hand-carved spoons for his daughter, Nikole. Too beautiful not to share, Nikole suggested that they bring these goods to others, and so a father-daughter business was born.
Draught Dry Goods
Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Trent Call is a painter and illustrator in Salt Lake City, Utah who makes his hometown more colorful with his murals and graffiti. Opened in 2008, Swinj Shop is full of shirts, art prints, and stickers in Trent’s distinctive style.