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  • Updated on 30 November 2023
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Luna is expertly crafted to shine brightly on any type of desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


  • Responsive and optimized for any type of mobile or desktop device

  • Image slideshow on the Home page

  • Set an announcement message that displays on the top of every page

  • Set products per row: 1, 2, 3, or 4 products on desktop and 1 or 2 products on mobile

  • Set the number of featured products on the Home page

  • Sort featured products by their order in your admin, newest, number of sales, or number of views

  • Show product info beneath the thumbnail image or over the image on hover

  • Flexible product page layout - display the product images to the left or right of product descriptions

  • Display share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest on Product pages

  • Add links to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest in the footer

  • Product pages feature a slideshow image gallery for mobile users

  • Display your store's logo in the header

  • Add a repeating background image on every page

  • Show product inventory bars on Product pages

  • Include a search field in the footer

  • Up-sell products by enabling "Related Products" area on Product pages

  • Show or hide sold out product variants in the Product page dropdown menus


  • Recommended header image size is 900 pixels wide by any height

  • Recommended Home page slideshow image size is 900 x 500 pixels

  • Use the Home page slideshow to advertise discounts and show off detailed product shots

  • Make sure product images have uniform width and height dimensions so they display consistently in the thumbnail grid on the Home and Products pages (1000 x 1000 pixels is a good general range to aim for)

Get the Luna Update

If you installed Luna in your shop before January 24, 2019, you’re using an older version of the theme that doesn’t have all of the new features and improved mobile version. Read more on what's changed in our blog post here.

To update, you'll be re-applying the Luna default theme, so it's important to back up any custom changes you want to keep and add back in later. Once you hit save you can't get the old version back, so be sure you're ready!

If you just want to start fresh with default settings, head to the Design > Themes section, choose Luna, then hit Done, and then Publish. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Design section in your admin.

  2. Save your header, slideshow and background image files if you don't already have them on your computer (right-click or Ctrl+click > Save Image).

  3. If you love your current color scheme, jot down the hex values (color codes) for each element.

  4. Make a note of any font selections you’d like to keep.

  5. If you've customized your theme's HTML or CSS code, you'll want to be sure to back up your current theme.

  6. Now you're ready for the update! Click Themes in the top left corner and choose Luna.

  7. Go back to the Settings tab to add your images back, update your fonts and color scheme, paste any of your custom code back in, and tweak any new settings. Hit Done, then Publish when you're finished.


  1. Log in at

  2. Go to Design.

  3. Click the Themes tab in the top left corner.

  4. Click Luna.

  5. Click Done, then Publish to apply the changes or Exit to leave without saving.

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