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This feature allows you to automatically email your customers when you mark orders as shipped in the admin. You can even split an order into multiple shipments, and include tracking information so everyone stays in the loop.

A quick rundown of terms:

  • An order is your customer's purchase and all the items included in it.

  • A shipment is an individual package containing items from an order.

Create a shipment

Using a 3rd party shipping integration like Shipstation? They will automatically add the shipping info to the order via the API.

When you click the Mark as shipped icon on an order everything your customer bought is included in one shipment by default. But, if some items need to be packaged and sent out separately, you can divide the order into a bunch of different shipments by adjusting the quantities in the In this shipment dropdown.

Each shipment within an order is given a number (1 of 3, 2 of 3, you get the picture) - and any unshipped items will be marked as such in the order details page so you can easily keep track.

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Send a shipment notification

After clicking Mark as shipped to create a shipment, leave the Notify of shipping status toggle turned on. When you save, the email is sent to your customer. You can also add in a tracking number if you've got one to provide - more on that here. That's it!

Notification emails will automatically match your branding, too - including your shop's header or logo image if you've got one uploaded in your theme.


Notify a batch of customers

Have a ton of orders you're shipping all at once and want to let those shoppers know their goodies are in the mail? When marking items as shipped using the bulk edit menu, you'll have the option to send notifications to that group of customers all at the same time.

To speed up your process in the desktop admin, hold down the Shift key + click on the first and last order in the list to select 'em all at once. Toggle the notification option on or off to apply it to all the orders.

Delete a shipment

Click any shipment in an order, then click the trash icon to delete it.


  1. Log in at

  2. Go to Orders.

  3. Click Mark as shipped on any order.

  4. From the In this shipment dropdown, choose the quantity of each item you're including in this package. Or, leave it as-is if you're shipping everything in the customer's order.

  5. To notify your customer, keep the Notify of shipping status toggle turned on and hit Save.

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