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If you offer shipment tracking to your customers, we've made it super easy to send out tracking links. When you mark an order as shipped, you can choose which items in the order you're sending out and pop the tracking number in.

Whether you use UPS, FedEx, your national postal service, or another international carrier - we'll format the info nicely and send it along in an email to your customer that matches your store's branding.

Add a shipment tracking number

When you use the mark as shipped tool and paste in a tracking number, we'll detect the carrier you're using, and the correct tracking link will be generated automatically. If you're using a carrier we don't recognize, no worries - you can choose one manually and add in your own tracking URL.

With the notify of shipping status toggle turned on, your customer will get a notification as soon as you hit Save. The email will show them a full breakdown of which items in their order have been shipped, along with the tracking link.

All the details - what was shipped and when, and any tracking info you've included - will also be saved in your order details page for your own records.

Removing shipping and tracking info

If you need to backtrack, you can mark a shipped order as unshipped, but be careful, doing this will delete any shipping or tracking info you previously added. Marking an order unshipped does not unsend any email notifications that have already gone out.


  1. Log in at

  2. Go to Orders.

  3. Click Mark as shipped on any order.

  4. From the In this shipment dropdown, choose the quantity of each item you're including in this package.

  5. In the Tracking number field, paste in the shipment's tracking number provided by your carrier. The tracking link will be auto-generated.*

  6. To email this info to your customer, keep the Notify of shipping status toggle turned on and hit Save.

  7. The details you've added will automatically appear in the order details page.

*Your shipping carrier and tracking link should be detected based on the tracking number you enter. If not, pick your carrier manually from the dropdown menu and paste your tracking link into the field provided.

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