• Updated on 1 March 2024
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Say hello to Netizen, a theme with plenty of retro charm and a high impact, graphic look. Netizen transforms your online store into an immersive, playful experience with its retro-inspired design.

Who is this template for?

Netizen is perfect for sellers offering a variety of handcrafted items or merchandise across different categories. It provides easy navigation, keeps your store fresh, and showcases your collections and lookbooks.

Key Features

  • Responsive design: Optimized display across all mobile and desktop devices.

  • Logo display: Keep your brand front and center. Your logo remains visible as shoppers scroll, coupled with easy cart navigation.

  • Highlight top categories: Feature up to two categories with banners on your homepage, enhancing product discovery.

  • Flexible product displays: Select from grid or masonry layouts to customize how your products are displayed based on your inventory.

  • Adjustable color Palette: Personalize your store with up to two background colors for various elements, matching your brand's aesthetic.

  • Product page customization: Control the visibility of sold-out variants and customize the number of featured products displayed.

  • Social Media Integration: Connect with your audience by adding links to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles.


  • Maximize your promotion and sales by utilizing the Welcome Image and Welcome Message on the homepage.

  • For the Home page welcome image, upload a large, high-resolution image within the recommended range of 1000 pixels or larger.

  • Use the Home page 'Welcome message' to advertise promotions, tell your company’s story, or say hi to your customers

  • Adjust the category banners by reordering your categories when editing any product..

  • Maintain a neat and organized grid layout by using consistent product image sizes, preferably 1000 pixels or larger.

  • Easily incorporate a lookbook or gallery into a page by creating a Custom Page, assigning a title, and inputting that title into the Lookbook Page Name

    field. Then, upload your images to the Lookbook Images section.


Heads up! If you are switching from another template, follow this guide to help you seamlessly switch to the Netizen template.

  • Log in at

  • Go to Design.

  • Click the Themes tab in the top left corner.

  • Click Netizen.

  • Click Save to apply the changes or Exit to leave without saving.

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