How to Switch Templates

  • Updated on 26 January 2024
  • 2 min read

We offer 17 built-in responsive Templates designed with sellers and their customers' shopping experience in mind. As a seller, you have complete control and can easily change your store's appearance with just a few clicks by switching to a new template in the Design area.

However, if you switch templates (or reset your current template) you will lose any settings attached to your current template, such as header images, custom colors and fonts, and customized template code. Be sure to follow the steps to make switching your template as smooth as possible.

Not feeling your shop’s new look and want you older Template back? Use this article to easily restore a previous template and settings.


  1. Head to the Account page in your admin.

  2. Click Go to shop designer.

  3. Head over to the Settings tab. If you have any images uploaded in this section, make sure to backup these images clicking on the download link below each image.

  4. Review any other settings you might want to save, such as your custom colors and other custom settings under Options.

  5. If you have any custom theme code that you want to save, click into Code and make sure to copy and paste them to a text editor of your choice.

  6. Next, click into the Themes section, and you’ll see your Current theme labeled.

  7. Now, scroll through the list of themes and select the Switch theme button on your new theme of choice.

  8. Use Settings to make desired tweaks to the new template (tips for customizing your template found in this article).

  9. Click on the top right dropdown menus to preview how each page in your shop looks on different types of devices.

  10. When you’re ready to commit, click Publish. To undo changes, click Discard.

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