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Fera helps you easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your Big Cartel Shop. It seamless integrates with your shop to add the necessary features to show off your reviews, and enables an automated process to collect those reviews from your customers. You’ll love Fera because you can easily use reviews to build customer trust and grow your shop's sales.

Key Features

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Show Reviews Beautifully

  • Product reviews & all reviews

  • Average product & store rating badges

  • Customer photos & videos

Grow Reviews Automatically

  • Automatically ask for reviews from new customers

  • Request reviews from past customers

  • Offer discounts as incentives

Manage Reviews Easily

  • Import existing reviews, photos & videos from Google, Facebook, and more!

  • Receive & moderate new submissions

  • Reply to reviews & touch-up content


  • Price: Fera provides 10 reviews per month for free. They have paid plans for more reviews per month and more customizations starting at $7 per month.

  • Requirements: Big Cartel account on a paid plan + Fera account

  • Developer: Big Cartel and Fera

  • Support: Big Cartel and Fera


  1. If you haven't already, create a Big Cartel shop and ensure you're on one of our paid plans

  2. Go to the Fera Sign Up page

  3. Click on "Install Big Cartel App" and you'll be taken to Big Cartel.

  4. Click "Connect" to allow Fera to connect to your Big Cartel Shop.

  5. You'll finally be taken back to Fera to complete your setup. All the required setup on the Big Cartel side is now completed for your shop!

  6. 🎉 Congratulations! You now have Fera installed on your Big Cartel shop. The first thing

What’s Next?

  • Test it out yourself: Try out what your customers will see by testing the review submission process and/or submitting a test review.

  • Get reviews from existing customers: Kickstart the review process by asking previous customers for reviews. Fera supports one-time review requests to help make this easy. If you've got a social following or an email list, you can also create Fera Quick Review links to make it super easy to ask customers for reviews.

  • Import reviews from other platforms: Do you have existing reviews on Facebook, Google or another e-commerce platform like Shopify or Etsy? You can import them!

  • Manually add customer photos you've received: If you've received photos from customers with your products, we recommend adding them manually to Fera so they can be featured on your shop.

  • Automate review requests: Last but not least, make sure you go into your Fera settings to configure automatic review requests. This can help you get more reviews while being completely hands off for you!

Fera provides lots of great guides and help articles to get you going in no time!

Need further help? Please contact us.

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