Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel (also known as Meta Pixel) is a code snippet that can be added to your Big Cartel shop. Its purpose is to provide you with valuable insights into the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, as well as the actions that users take on your site, such as visiting specific pages or adding items to their cart. By using the Facebook Pixel, you can also track customer actions taken after seeing your ads on Facebook and Instagram, enhancing your retargeting efforts for ads.

Heads up!

We integrate with Facebook Pixel for tracking events and conversions for Facebook; the Facebook Conversions API is not supported.

The type of events tracked with Facebook depends on your plan. Read more about our supported Facebook events by plan.



Before you begin, you’ll need to have a Facebook Business page. Then you’ll follow the next steps to create and connect the Facebook Pixel to your Big Cartel shop.

  1. Go to Meta Events Manager.

  2. Click Connect data sources.

  3. Select Web and click Connect.

  4. Enter a name for your dataset and click Create. This will create a new ID that you can view in Events Manager. Note: Events from your Facebook Pixel are shared to a dataset, which groups events from different sources. Your new dataset ID is the same as your new pixel ID.

  5. Enter your Big Cartel URL and click Create and then click Next.

  6. Go ahead and close the Setup window, head to settings and copy the dataset ID (pixel ID).

  7. Copy the created pixel ID (dataset ID) to add to your Big Cartel shop.

Add the Facebook pixel to your Big Cartel shop

  1. Head over to the Account page in your Big Cartel admin and scroll down to the Advanced Analytics section.

  2. Click Edit Advanced Analytics and paste the copied Facebook Pixel ID into the Facebook Pixel field.

  3. Click Save and you are all set.

Supported Events

Here are the supported Facebook Pixel events by plan type on Big Cartel. To get the best integration, ad targeting and conversion reporting in Facebook, you'll want to upgrade to our Diamond plan.





Viewed a page

Searched for a keyword (if search is enabled on your shop)

Added item to cart

Started checkout

Added payment info during checkout

Completed checkout

All checkout events, including the add to cart event, includes information about the order line items including product names, variant names, prices, discounts and categories.

Interested in more detail on Facebook events? Check out their specification of their standard events.


If you are having trouble with your events or want to see events that are being sent, Facebook offers a great extension for Chrome web browsers. After you install it, and visit your shop, if things are setup correctly, you'll see events fired.


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