Track product inventory

Put away your spreadsheets and Post-it Notes, Big Cartel's inventory tracking makes inventory management easier. This feature helps you keep track of your stock and can prevent you from selling more items than what you have available.

Track those products!

With inventory tracking enabled, and overselling disabled, any item in your shop that reaches a quantity of zero will display as Sold Out automatically. This way you won't accidentally sell a product that's not available.


When viewing products in the admin, in the inventory view on the Products page and on your Dashboard, you'll see a couple color indicators: red means sold out, yellow means your available stock is below 25%.

A note about Allow product overselling: This setting, which is located just below the inventory tracking setting, would allow you to sell more of a product than what's in stock - even after the quantity hits zero. Stores with limited quantities available to sell, however, should leave this option turned off.

Adjust inventory levels

If you just restocked popular items, gave a bunch of items to a nonprofit fundraiser, or have any other reason to adjust your inventory levels, head over to an individual product listing to update its In stock count.


  1. Log in at

  2. Go to Account.

  3. Click Edit preferences.

  4. Toggle on Turn on inventory tracking.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the Products icon at the top.

  7. Now when you add or edit a product listing, you can enter the number of products/variants available in stock within the In Stock fields.

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