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  • Updated on 21 July 2023
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What happens if I turn off the beta?

Your Subscribe page will be disabled, so you won’t be able to accept any new subscriptions, and that page will redirect any visitors to your shop’s homepage. Turning off the feature will also pause your subscriptions, so your current subscribers won’t be billed going forward– toggling the subscriptions beta feature back on will resume those subscriptions.

What if I disconnect the Stripe checkout from my Big Cartel admin?

If you disconnect the Stripe checkout from the Big Cartel admin, then your subscriptions will be paused, and your current subscribers won’t be billed going forwarding– reconnecting the Stripe checkout to the same Stripe account will resume your subscriptions.

I really just turn it on, and that’s it?

That’s really it– turn on the subscriptions beta feature, and you can start receiving automatically recurring payments from fans, friends, existing customers, family– basically anyone who wants to support you and your work. Just set it, and forget it!

Can my subscribers change the amount they send me?

Absolutely! When your subscribers sign up, we’ll send them an email with a link they can use to manage their subscription. So your subscribers can increase, decrease, or pause their payments, and they can also resume payments if they had to pause their monthly payment.

Additionally, your subscribers will receive an email when they have an upcoming payment when their payment goes through successfully. If their monthly subscription payment gets paused due to failed attempts– each of these emails will include a link they can use to manage their subscription.

Why are you charging tax on subscriptions?

Big Cartel is responsible for collecting and remitting sale tax on online orders placed in the U.S. through your Big Cartel storefront. If you’ve enabled the subscription fulfillment option, taxes will be collected on US-based orders. When accepting monthly donations, those supporters won’t be taxed for their monthly contribution.

Should I include shipping in my subscription price?

Yes, you’ll want to be sure to bundle your shipping cost into your subscription pricing. If you need a little cushion to pack your orders be sure to include that shipping rate in the subscription offered. When you receive new subscribers, they’ll be labeled in the unshipped Orders section of the admin, there you can send tracking notifications when subscriptions have been shipped.

How do I export subscriptions?

There are two options for exporting subscription payments. You can export payment info from Stripe dashboard. Or, if you’d like to export subscribers into a spreadsheet in the Big Cartel admin, you’ll want to use the bulk edit orders tool to select your subscription payments and download orders from the admin.

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