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  • Updated on 21 July 2023
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Big Cartel is a software company that powers nearly a million online stores around the world, but we are not directly associated with any of the sellers who use our platform.

Since we don’t play a role in the order fulfillment process or manage store operations, we aren’t able to provide shipment details, issue refunds, or put you in contact with a shop owner, sorry!

Contacting a shop

You can contact a Big Cartel seller directly by using the Contact link in their shop, or by replying to your order confirmation email.

We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait a long time for your order, though.

Here are some steps to take if the goods you’re expecting from a Big Cartel store haven’t arrived:

  • First, double-check the store’s policy on shipping and processing times. Some items take longer to make or ship, especially if the item is made-to-order or the seller is located far from you. International orders also have to pass through customs processes, which can tack on a lot more time.

  • If the estimated arrival date for your package has passed, contact the shop directly. Make sure to provide your order number and contact details. Most shops will quickly get back to you with an update, but if you don’t hear back, it doesn’t hurt to email again.

  • If you’re still missing your order, and you’ve contacted the seller more than once, you may need to file a chargeback with your card provider or PayPal to get your money back as a last resort. You can also file a formal complaint about the shop that we’ll keep on record if we need to do more investigating.

Filing a complaint

If you’re not satisfied after trying to resolve an issue directly with a shop owner, please file a formal complaint so we can investigate.

Please note that we don’t send direct responses to complaint submissions - this is for our own internal review.

Getting a refund

In the event that you place an order and never receive it, and the seller ignores or refuses your request for a refund, don’t panic! There are chargeback processes in place through your card issuer to help you out.

A chargeback is a dispute that is filed on your behalf in an effort to get your money back into your account. Most card issuers/banks have their own steps to follow to dispute a charge for “item or services not received.”

Only pursue a chargeback if you’ve made a significant attempt to resolve the problem with the seller. That means contacting the seller directly, allowing a reasonable amount of time for them to respond, and allowing ample time for the order to arrive within the promised time frame.

Filing a chargeback

  • Track down your card issuer’s contact info to begin the chargeback process. Calling the phone number on the back of your card, or searching online for your bank’s disputes hotline can be the quickest way to begin the process.

  • Provide as many details about your purchase as possible. Give them all the essentials: the date of the purchase, the amount, the shop you ordered from, what you ordered, when you expected to receive it, all the correspondence with the seller, and any other identifying information that can make your case, and that your bank requires.

  • Keep in mind that some banks have a 120 day cutoff from the date the charge appeared on your statement. A chargeback dispute will be filed with the recipient’s bank, and your bank will take over the investigation from here.

  • Be patient. It can take several weeks (or even months in some cases) for the process to be completed, since both banks will be involved in investigating.

  • Keep a close eye on any follow-up correspondence your card issuer may require. If you’ve provided enough evidence about not receiving the goods you paid for, your funds will more than likely be returned to you.

Chargebacks can a bit of a hassle, but this process is the best way to ensure your hard-earned cash gets back into your pocket.

If you paid through PayPal, you'll have 180 days to file a dispute.

Here are some resources from major banks on how to file a chargeback:

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