• Updated on 21 July 2023
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LiveChat is a handy chat tool for customer support and online sales; designed to provide quick answers and a personalized experience to shoppers.

The way it works is simple: a typical LiveChat window sits on the bottom right side of your website, on-site visitors can choose to chat with you, or you can you can proactively engage them with chat invitations. For you, this can potentially mean more satisfied customers, faster problem resolution, and an increase in products sold.



  1. Create your LiveChat account »

  2. From the Account page of your Big Cartel admin, head to the Design > Code area.

  3. Select the Body button under the Integration Code section.

  4. Paste your LiveChat tracking code.

  5. Select Done and Publish and you’re all set!


  • Provide immediate access to help - give customers the opportunity to contact you directly from your website and address any questions they may have instantly.

  • Turn visitors into customers - grab your website visitors’ attention with proactive chat invitations and walk them through the purchase process.

  • Discover customer pain points - track your visitors as they navigate through your website, and use that information to provide a better support and buying experience.

  • Provide 24/7 support - with a built-in ticketing feature, you can receive messages when you're offline and track customer cases that couldn’t be solved in a single chat.

  • Chat on the go - LiveChat mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you chat with customers wherever you are.

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