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  • Updated on 3 August 2023
  • 1 min. read

If you need a hand adding a link to your store's navigation that goes to another site, check out our instructions on adding a redirect.

Adding clickable links that redirect to a specific part of your shop, or to another website altogether, is super easy.

Add a custom link

Just use a bit of HTML anywhere in your shop - in product descriptions or your store's Layout HTML, for example. It's that simple! Here's an example of how your link might look if you want customers to link over to your blog-- just replace the example blog link and the clickable text (Blog) with your own URL and text:

If you'd like to add a link to a custom page, simply highlight the text you want to make clickable, then click the link icon in the page editor's toolbar to paste in the URL. Click OK, save your change, and you're all set!

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