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  • Updated on 21 July 2023
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If you're looking for how to upload images to your product listings, check out our article about adding products.

Adding images is an easy way to make your custom page pop! 💥

Add an image to a custom page

  1. In your Big Cartel desktop admin, head to the Account page, then click Design, then click into the Pages section.

  2. Click the Insert image icon in the page editor, and you'll see the "Insert/Edit image" box pop up.

  3. Click the upload icon, choose from your device which image you want to upload, then add your image description. The system will automatically assign the width and height.

  4. Click Save and the image should appear in the preview area. Click Done to exit the page editor, then click Publish and your new image will display in your shop.

Add an image to another page

To include images on other pages (like the Maintenance or Contact pages), you'll need to host that image through an external hosting service, then place an HTML image tag in that page's advanced code where you would like the image to appear. If you aren't familiar with HTML code, you may need to find someone with coding know-how to help you get your image positioned on the page how you want it. (That's what cousins are for, right?)

There are lots of image hosting services out there, but a couple worth checking out are Postimage and Dropbox. When using Postimage, upload your image to their site and then copy the Direct Link URL they provide for that image. When using Dropbox, copy the “share” link for your image in Dropbox, then edit the end of that URL so that it ends with ?raw=1 instead of ?dl=0.

Place your image's URL between the quotation marks in the src="..." section of an HTML image tag, like this:

If you want your image to be a clickable link, place your image element within some link tags:

You will place that image tag in the Design > Code section of your Big Cartel admin. Once everything looks how you'd like, click Done to exit the code editor and Publish to make your changes live.

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