Shop Indie: Rest & Relax

Shop Indie: Rest & Relax

We all need a little rest sometimes. Maybe you've just completed your business's busy season, or you can feel yourself inching closer to burnout. For me, some medical surprises have popped up and I'm under literal doctor's orders to take it easy. So if, like me, you think it's more fun to relax surrounded by a few cozy accoutrements, this gift guide is for you. Turn down the lights, pull up the covers, and get shopping.

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Black Tea by Tea Rose Garden Buy Now - $15.50

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Throw blanket designed by Dani Balenson, made by Throw and Co Buy Now - $125.00

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Tiny Notebooks by Landland Buy Now - $14.00

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Seashell Flowers Risograph Print by Natalie Andrewson Buy Now - $20.00

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Tall Wiggles by Dip Candles Buy Now - $18.00

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Comfy Cozy Matches by City of Industry Buy Now - $8.00

15 December 2022

Words by:Big Cartel

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