Shop Indie: Printed and Bound

  • 3 November 2022
  • 2 min read
Shop Indie: Printed and Bound

There are seemingly countless ways to print your thoughts on paper and bind them together to form a book, magazine, zine, or other independent publication. So it's natural that the indie publications available through Big Cartel stores are incredibly diverse in every way—creative layouts, inspiring illustrations, and personal stories that represent every topic under the sun. Compiling this Shop Indie guide was one of those rare challenges where the overwhelming number of possibilities made it difficult to pick what to highlight.

The list below—featuring a long-running photography zine; an expertly-printed art and botanical review; a classic, photocopied zine; neon Riso printing; a perfect-bound graphic novella; a group zine about the complex relationship disabled creatives have with their beds; and more—only scratches the surface of what Big Cartel artists have produced. We hope you see this as a starting point to discovery and inspiration to add your own publications in to the world.


Bed Zine, Issue Two


Kitchens: A zine about the most important room in the home by Lecker


Creatures Speak Out by Mixed Rice Zines


Variable Vessels by Gentle Oriental


Blumenhaus Art and Botanical Review, Issue 3


La Horchata, Issue 9


I'm Bored: Activities for Tedious Times by Pirrip Press


Still Life by Tess Smith-Roberts, published by Can Can Press


Swallows, Part One by Joshua Santospirito, published by San Kessto Publications


Asian Architecture 2 by Ella Zheng, published by Knuckles and Notch


Cycle Shorts, Issue 1


Passenger by Lin Blythe, Field Notes 050 published by Another Place Press

3 November 2022

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