Shop Indie: Catching Light

Shop Indie: Catching Light

Here's a little peek behind the curtain at Big Cartel: we have a chat channel where any employee can drop a link to a shop that catches their eye. They keep us inspired, help us better connect with our community, or inspire a little personal shopping spree. And then there's a little accidental magic in the channel: suddenly we realize there's a theme among some of the links. That's what happened when we realized we were surrounded by stained glass artists. So much talent! So many careful photos to capture a product that can look different from every angle! So much (we hope) protective eyewear! Enjoy these designs, and consider adding a little color to the light in your life.


Mushroom Planter Stake by Chelbie Hunger Glassworks Buy Now - $28.00


Plant Cycle Panel by Marta Lou Glass Buy Now - $174.00


Pressed Flower Ornament by Erin Glassworks Buy Now - $23.00-$40.00


Rainbow Prism by Maggiemay Glassworks Buy Now - $36.00


Small Mountain Stand by Sego Made Buy Now - $45.00


Ack! by Misty Stained Glass Buy Now - $100.00


Favus Terrarium by ABJ Glassworks Buy Now - $115.00


Beetles by Rye's Glass Buy Now - $45.00

18 July 2022

Words by:Big Cartel

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