Shop Indie: Winging It

Shop Indie: Winging It

Ready to feather your nest with some great new stuff? These indie designers, artists, and creators were all inspired by birds of some kind, and we can't get enough! Cluck these links to show these talon-ted shop owners some love. Don't worry, that's the last of the wordplay. Puns are for the birds. Dangit! That was the last one, for real this time.


Mimosa Bird Print by Asta Barrington Buy Now - £15.00


Geese Postcard by Lesley Imgart Buy Now - £1.00


Baby Toucan Creamer by Knotwork LA Buy Now - $58.00

053122_ShopIndieBird_Inline04 (1).jpg

Family Portrait 2 by Lou Benesch-de Gastines Buy Now - €400.00


Honk Bumper Sticker by One Hello of a Town! Buy Now - $7.00


Bird Friends Print by Mibyle's Corner Buy Now - €4.00-€8.00


Greg the Pidgeon by Līga Kitchen Buy Now - £25.00-£65.00

16 June 2022

Words by:Big Cartel

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