Shop Indie: Mug Around and Find Out

  • 3 November 2021
  • 2 min read
Shop Indie: Mug Around and Find Out

I've been the recipient of a few truly wonderful mugs over the years, so I can confirm that they make a great gift: seasonal, beautiful, useful, with plenty of variation to fit someone's personal taste. And as the weather gets colder and gifting season approaches, I'm thinking about paying that mug love forward: scouting some handheld happiness from great indie ceramicists. I can't get enough, but I sure can try.

Join me, why don't you? Channel your favorite Sandra Bullock movie, pull your sweater sleeves up over your hands, and get ready for a warm drink in your new favorite mug.


Circus Cup with Handle Buy Now - kr425,00


Coffee Mug in Multi Colored Glazes Buy Now - $56.00 USD


Single Mug in H&H Buy Now - €26.50


Freckled Daisy Mug Buy Now - $39.00 CAD


Cafe Espresso Set Buy Now - $38.00 USD


Earthenware Stripe Mug Buy Now - $60.00 NZD


Pronoun Mug Buy Now - $65.00 USD


Tangerine Lavender Dream Mug Buy Now - $74.00 USD

3 November 2021

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