Set Your Shipping Course

  • 10 November 2020
  • 2 min read
Set Your Shipping Course

To use Shipping Profiles or not to use Shipping Profiles, that is the question.

The Big Cartel Product Team recently released the Beta version of Shipping Profiles: a new way to calculate shipping prices that allows for multiple shipping rates. We love that you can offer Standard and Expedited, Shipped and Local Pickup, or whatever other options you think up, but since we're still building this new feature (Beta means it's still in process), we haven't removed the standard per product shipping prices that veteran shops are used to.

So you may be wondering: which shipping process will work best for you and your customers for the 2020 holiday season?

Scenario: Most of my customers are local.

Hey there, hometown hero! If you cater to a local bunch, you probably make some shipping exceptions: someone wants to pick up their order in person, someone else wants to buy you a coffee while doing a product handoff, and you noticed that a third person's address is right by your mom's house.

Mixed in with those nearby orders are probably a few from far-flung customers, which might make Shipping Profiles just what you're looking for. You can create a Local Pickup option for your region, while still offering standard shipping to all shoppers.

Scenario: I ship a wide range of products.

There are two things you're passionate about: sheet music and bowling balls. People like you make life a beautifully rich tapestry, but your unique product selection makes predicting a standard shipping cost tricky. For now, stick with setting shipping prices on individual products, so you're covered for those bulky boxes as well as the easy envelopes. And thanks to your ability to copy products or bulk edit product shipping details, it won't take long to make updates as needed.

Scenario: I ship very similar products.

If your products are all similar in size and weight (maybe you sell only prints, or only records, or shirts, or stickers, or... basically it's mostly the same thing in different styles), you don't really need to change up the shipping cost from product to product. In that case, try out Shipping Profiles. You can offer different shipping speeds or services, and the "First item" and "Each additional" prices will keep you covered when someone needs that thing you make in every design.

If these shipping options sound a little complicated, thanks for your patience! We're working towards solving more shipping dilemmas as we complete Shipping Profiles, and that takes time. By giving you a few options (and not pulling the rug out from under any long-time shops right before the holidays), we hope you'll be able to keep customers happy during the busy season. If you're still not sure which option to try, take a look at our help site or reach out to our A+ support team for more advice.

10 November 2020

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