How to Prep for the Holidays in Two Hours

How to Prep for the Holidays in Two Hours

If you're short on time, but thinking about how to get a head start on the holidays, this article is for you. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and this short to-do list will help you focus with just a few hours on hand.

30 minutes: Order before...

Publish your cutoff dates for customers trying to receive their order on or before December 24. Our Holiday Rush Calendar has some deadlines from shipping carriers, and December 15 is a pretty safe bet if shipping within the US. Working backwards, give yourself a bit of a cushion for making custom items or getting busy at your day job. Have a date in mind? Head to Design and find a place to put your holiday order cutoff date... an announcement message or FAQ page might be just right.

20 minutes: Fire sale...

Add a discount! If you plan to run any promotions during the holiday season, creating a discount code is a great way to start. Thinking about the name can help direct your messaging, and setting the dates will help you plan out when you send out an announcement.

60 minutes: Auto publish...

You're gonna thank me for this later. Get yourself an app that can help you arrange and auto-publish your social posts. You can plan out weeks of content in an afternoon, and then move on to other tasks. Personally, I use Planoly's free tools, but there are all sorts of options out there. Our social media primer lists a few that may be worth checking out. Once you've connected a planning tool to social media, load it up! And don't forget that one or more of your posts should mention that discount code you created.

10 minutes: Share the love...

Search on your favorite social media platforms for inspiration, ideas, and accounts that fit your style or ethos. Hit that follow button, leave a supportive comment, and save or fave posts that strike a chord with you. It'll help your fellow shop owners, connect you to a like-minded community, and feed your imagination for future products or content. It doesn't have to take all day to make meaningful connections. Plus, next time you open the app, you'll enjoy your feed even more.

You're making good progress on your holiday plans! With these tasks, you've covered some common customer questions and ensured that your shop has a pulse. As time allows, you can layer on more marketing plans and maybe add some new products to your shop, too.

29 September 2021

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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