Process Credit Card Payments Securely and Swiftly

  • 26 November 2019
  • 4 min read
Process Credit Card Payments Securely and Swiftly

If you're looking for a safe and easy way for your customers to buy your products, credit card processing from Stripe is the answer. Accepting all major credit cards, Apple Pay's nearly instantaneous checkout, and in-person payments with a card reader makes Stripe the payment processor of your dreams. Swoon!

We try hard to keep things simple for you around here, which is why we offer only two premium payment processor options. Shops can use Stripe, PayPal, or both if ya nasty. Stripe might be a name you're less familiar with, but we think they can pack a big punch for your holiday sales transactions. Take a few moments to consider adding Stripe to your payment options and you may just see higher sales this season.

Streamlined online checkout

If you've purchased something online and haven't needed to log in, create an account, or wait while a shop transfers you over to a payment site and then back again... chances are you've paid via Stripe without even noticing. We love that their credit card form snuggles right into your store's checkout page, taking only the info they really need, and keeping customers on just one page. There's no need to create an account, and they accept all major credit cards from shoppers across the globe. Stripe safely processes payment for millions of businesses and is certified as having top of the line security (PCI Service Provider Level 1, if you're curious), so you and your customers can rest easy, knowing your data is safe.

Apple Pay

Big Cartel recently announced the addition of Apple Pay for any of your shoppers who've linked a credit card to their Apple device. This instant checkout experience has a high conversion rate (we've seen it at 40%!), and it's powered by Stripe. Apple Pay whisks shoppers through a fast and simple checkout with the absolute minimum number of clicks. If you don't have Stripe set up in your store yet, this Apple Pay option should make you think twice about changing that setting right now. An easier checkout experience means more buyers making it through the whole transaction and completing their order from your store.

Card reader for in-person sales

For folks who take their shop on the road to holiday markets or pop-up shops, we know you need a quick way to process those in-person orders. Stripe has added a card reader to the mix that can process tap, chip, or swipe cards, and connects to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth (bye, bye, dongle). It's the fastest way to complete in-person orders, while keeping your online shop inventory spot-on.


If you're ready to start accepting any major credit card plus Apple Pay with Stripe, follow our instructions to set up an account and connect it to your Big Cartel shop. Get it up and running before your big holiday rush to get the full benefit of all Stripe has to offer. Our support team is standing by to help if you have any questions.

26 November 2019

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