Introducing Instant Checkout

Introducing Instant Checkout

We're making it easier than ever for shoppers to make a quick purchase in your shop!

We crunched a lot of numbers and figured out that most customers of Big Cartel shops are buying just one product per purchase. We want those folks to be able to buy that single item as seamlessly as possible, and move on to the fun part of anticipating and enjoying your stuff.

Enter: Instant Checkout

If you've seen a "Buy now" button courtesy of Apple Pay, you're probably already familiar with how it works. You see a product you want, tap that Buy button, and you're whisked through payment with your pre-configured payment method. No scrolling through additional items, no shopping cart. Just see it, buy it, and done.

How it works

The Instant Checkout functionality is possible thanks to our friends at Stripe. If you have a connected Stripe account (here's how to get that done), you have access to this new feature. Just make sure you're on the latest version of your shop's theme (don't worry, we'll walk you through the update), or add a line of code or two to your products page.

Who sees it

It's smart to have a friend help you check that Instant Checkout is working correctly, and here's why: That special Buy button from Apple only shows up for customers who have those payment methods set up. If an iPhone user has never set up Apple Pay, their phone just won't display the payment button. It keeps the customer from getting frustrated by a non-functioning checkout option, and they can still place their order the old fashioned way. So if you've connected Stripe to your shop and updated your theme, don't stress if you're not seeing that new button. Check to make sure you're using a device with Apple Pay already set up.

If you have questions about Instant Checkout, we're here to help! Send a message through the chat bubble in your admin or email [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer quickly. Here's to even more cheery customers!

7 November 2019

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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