Big Cartel Pitches in on this Must-Read Issue of Computer Arts

Big Cartel Pitches in on this Must-Read Issue of Computer Arts

Computer Arts Projects issue #143 Launch your own Street Wear Brand, just saved a whole crop of young, DIY, brand-builders months of research and hard work.

This issue is completely stuffed with hints, insights, advice and even comes with a disc full of inspiring, resource files. We were asked to pitch in on this massive issue and came up with a handful of tips for building your brand online.


1.Get a store

The first step to a great online store is pretty easy: get a store. If you don’t already have one, you can quickly set up a nice little store likity-split at

2. Customize

Make that puppy pretty. Spend some time digging around your stores customization features and work up a design that fits with your current brand. Make a slick, cohesive experience between your blog, Twitter, site and store that will make customers gush to their friends after buying from you. Big Cartel has the customization nailed, from pre-made themes with point-n-click customization to complete HTML and CSS noodling nerdness.

3.Master your domain

The road to world domination starts with little details. Take a minute to point your shop’s domain to a custom, simpler url. {example:} Domain customization can be a bit tricky, but if you have a Big Cartel store head over to our little setup tool which should relieve a bit of the stress. Also remember things like favicons and email signatures. Lock in those little details and you’re approaching unstoppable.

4. Gimme more

Make sure you keep your community in the know, develop an FAQ section, about us, sizing chart, blog, and give links to follow you on Twitter and Facebook. A bit of clever writing up front keeps them informed and can let them see a bit of the personality and culture behind your brand.

5. Tidy up

Keep your inventory under control. Count it out and plug it into your store’s admin to make sure you know when you’re getting low on something, or better yet – when you sell out! Big Cartel has a smart little inventory tracker that keeps this whole process beyond simple.

6. Picture perfect

Your customers are looking all over the internet for a product like yours. Give them a reason to stop at your shop with well-lit, clean, product photography. Use a good camera, plenty of light, and some photo-editing software to tweak the contrast and crop your pictures consistently. Bad photographs can make beautiful designs look mediocre.

Think about a store plan that lets you upload multiple images per product. Multiple images should include one detail shot, one clear product shot, and one with your product on an extremely attractive (yet humble) model. Include quick links to a sizing chart and wrap it all up by letting us know what size the model is wearing. We wanna look just like them.

7. Blastoff

Kick the doors open with a special store launch. Use discount codes and special offers to entice fans to check out new products or snatch up older ones before they’re gone. Big Cartel discount codes can be spread around your community as a treat to loyal fans, or a way to keep your store fresh and talked about.

8. Trumpet noise!

Hustle. Make a habit of consistently reaching out. Promote your products on Facebook. Contact blogs and sites you frequent and give them a simple sentence about your brand with a link to your store. Be personal and keep at it. It’s great to be on the tip of their tongue when they need some new content.

The entire magazine should really be devoured and dog-eared, but may we suggest Ugmonk’s store set-up on page 80 as an appetizer, and their decadent tutorial on imaginative packaging on page 47 as dessert.


To read the full article from Big Cartel, go grab a copy of this issue now. From Rebel8 to WESC, this issue is brimming with hard-earned hustle tips from giants of the industry and is a great resource to anyone working on setting themselves apart as a modern street wear tycoon.

16 December 2010

Words by:Dan Christofferson

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