Working in Public: Big Cartel's Roadmap

  • 20 October 2021
  • 3 min read
Working in Public: Big Cartel's Roadmap

Ready for a recap of what's happening under the hood at Big Cartel? In addition to wrapping up this current batch of features and improvements, we're currently planning what's next for Big Cartel to help shop owners with stronger businesses and lighter workloads.

What we've launched in 2021

In case you missed any of our recent updates, we've already launched or improved some features in 2021 that we think are pretty cool. Here's the latest to get you up to speed:

iOS and Android app updates: We've added some power to our mobile apps to help you manage your store from anywhere. In addition to design and navigation updates that are easier to use, we've added Product Drafts and overall more reliable functionality.

Refresh of the Design area: Designing your shop is now a whole lot easier, thanks to more robust editing tools, images hosted right here on Big Cartel, mobile editing, and the ability to save your progress without publishing.

Sunsetting the Titanium plan: We simplified our lineup and made our biggest plan a lower price than before, without sacrificing any features.

Improved shipping settings: Now shops can use our location-specific Shipping Profiles with an added layer of detail, thanks to optional product overrides.

Subscriptions with fulfillment tools: Collect monthly subscriptions from your devoted fans, either as donations, or in exchange for recurring shipments of new or favorite products.

What's Next

More payment options at checkout: The most commonly requested payment processing option for Big Cartel shops is a "pay later" option. While PayPal's added some options that accomplish this goal, we're also working with Stripe to give you and your customers access to Afterpay.

Automatic discounts: Who doesn't enjoy having fewer codes to remember? Automatic discounts will also allow for scenarios like a volume discount that won't interfere with someone's ability to use a code for free shipping. Your customers will love this.

More product images: While five product images can be ample for many online shops, some businesses are finding more ways to visually share their story and products. Others are maximizing their designs with different sizes, colors, or other product variations, and more images will help their customers buy with confidence.

20 October 2021

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