To All the Blog Posts I've Read Before

To All the Blog Posts I've Read Before

For real, though: where did the year go? We're wrapping up 2021 and doing our best to finish up strong. If you're in that same boat, here's a roundup of what we've talked about on the Big Cartel blog, and what your fellow shop owners have been reading.

Shop Setup

It looks like plenty of you come to the blog to make sure you're getting things just right in your online store. Among the most read entries are a few about the ins and outs of Big Cartel:

Check Out Your Checkout: We've got tips for how to give your customers the shopping experience that works best for their wallet.

Choose the Right Design for Your Shop: If you're creating a new store or just giving it a refresh, we'll help you pick a theme that works with your strengths.

Making Merch with Print-On-Demand Services: Working with a print-on-demand partner can help you expand your product offerings without expanding your storage space.

Promo Push

Marketing yourself and your store can be one of the most challenging parts of running a business. The tools that shop owners use are constantly evolving, which is why you made a few promotion-focused articles some of the most popular links this year.

Why Subdomains Are Great for Brands: If you're wrapping your head around how to set up the navigation for all of the places you exist online, a few examples may help you settle on which way to go.

The Power of Customer Reviews: Give new shoppers peace of mind by showing the happy reactions of satisfied customers.

Using a Discount for Local Pickup: Local pickup is a great way to connect with your closest customers or help out folks who are short on time. A discount code is one way to ease them through checkout without shipping charges.

Moving Forward

It looks like plenty of blog readers are making plans to stay focused and organized. If you'd like to join them, these popular blog posts can get you started.

2021 Vision: Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting: Get your head right for the new year by looking back, then setting intentions for the future.

Holiday Rush Calendar: We update this calendar each year so you can get through the end of year holidays without breaking a sweat.

The Importance of a Business Plan: If you launched a shop as an exciting experiment, it's not too late to make a business plan! It'll help you focus on your priorities and values so that it's easier to evaluate opportunities and decisions in the future.

How to Make Tax Season as Painless as Possible: Did you wince at the word "taxes"? You're not alone, but the biggest tip for getting through them is to start thinking about them sooner.

7 December 2021

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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