Introducing the Big Cartel App for Android

Introducing the Big Cartel App for Android

The Big Cartel app for Android is finally here! Get it now in the Google Play Store.

Now you have a lightning fast way to see orders, bulk edit your products and discounts, check your stats, sell in person, and update settings, all on your Android device. This app helps you run your store wherever you go - all the dependable features you rely on from our desktop admin are in the app.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to see when you launch the Big Cartel app for Android:



Check your shop’s pulse in the app anytime, anywhere. Run a big sale? Get featured in a holiday gift guide? Wherever the shoppers are coming from, stay on top of all your traffic and sales with a tap and a swipe. Everything you love about the Dashboard on desktop is there!

  • See how many people have been to your shop today

  • View beautiful graphs of visitors and orders over time

  • Spot new trends in your shop’s growth and popularity

  • Keep tabs on your conversion rates to see where to improve

  • Break down product and category views, sales, and revenue



Getting orders is probably the most exciting part of running a shop, but there can be a lot to manage with each one. The Big Cartel app makes it easy to see what was ordered, what’s been shipped, and if something needs your attention.

  • Receive notifications for new orders and check out the order details instantly

  • Track which orders you've shipped and which you haven't

  • Search orders, view order details, and print packing slips

  • Leave a note for yourself and put down the Post-its



The app shows off all your beautiful products and gives you quick access to all the settings you care about when adding and managing your inventory.

  • Create, edit, and rearrange products

  • Add product images from your photo library or snap a photo and add it anytime

  • On paid plans, track your inventory on the go

  • Also for paid plans, use bulk edit to quickly update your shipping rates



Now you have control of your discounts on the go. Have a great idea for an Instagram promo you want to run right now? You got it. Forgot to end your Black Friday sale? No sweat. Curious about your most popular discounts? You’ve got that, too.

  • Add, edit, or remove discounts right from your phone or tablet

  • Quickly view Active and Expired discounts

  • See how many times a discount has been used or when it expires in a glance

  • Expire a whole bunch of discounts in a few taps with bulk edit



Never miss a sale! The checkout feature in the app lets you sell your work at craft fairs, concerts, art shows, and other live events. You can search by name or tap and swipe to get straight to the right products, then complete the checkout process by accepting credit cards or cash.

  • Accept credit cards with Stripe or Square for in-person orders

  • Process cash orders for folks without plastic

  • Give someone a quick deal by adding a discount to an order

  • Send your buyer an optional email receipt

Make sure your app is updated to at least version 1.1.0 for some sweet in-person checkout action.



Everything you need to manage your shop is on your mobile device. And you can do it all without ever cracking open a laptop.

  • Change your store name or email when a new branding idea strikes

  • Add a shop description and profile image for optimal SEO

  • Add Google Analytics tracking to your store

Most importantly, you can stay in full control of important changes to your shop, and by using all these features, you'll keep your information secure.

  • Add a backup phone number in case you ever lose your password

  • Review which devices are currently logged into your shop

  • Get a quick reminder of what apps and integrations you’ve linked to your store

And no worries, we’ll require your password for changes to the most sensitive info to make sure you’re extra safe.

If you ever need help, don't hesitate to hit up our friendly support team. You can message them right from your Account screen, too.

We’re excited for you to use the app and see all the power it puts in your pocket. Don’t have a shop yet? You can create a store from scratch within the app.

Get it now in the Google Play Store.

For our friends carrying iPhones and iPads, don't worry - we've got you covered with Big Cartel for iOS. Grab it from the App Store.

13 November 2018

Words by:Andy Newman

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