Introducing Big Cartel 5.0 for iOS

Introducing Big Cartel 5.0 for iOS

We've been working hard to make Big Cartel for iOS even better. Now, your whole admin is in your pocket.

Our 5-star app (thanks for those ratings) helps you run your store wherever you go, so you’ll always have a simple and reliable way to see orders, launch promotions, and collect payments at shows and events. Here are a few more things you can do:



Take control of your discounts on the go. Have a great idea for an Instagram promo you want to run right now? You got it. Forgot to end your holiday sale? No sweat. Looking for a refresher on what discounts have done well? You’ve got that, too. You can even use the bulk edit feature to quickly expire a bunch of discounts all at once.

Do anything you need to do with all your discounts, right on your iPhone or iPad.



Everything you need to manage your shop is on your mobile device. Change your store name or email, add a shop description and profile image for optimal SEO, and so much more, without ever cracking open a laptop.

Most importantly, you can stay in full control of important changes to your shop. Add a backup phone number, review which devices are currently logged into your shop, and get a quick reminder of what apps and integrations you’ve linked to your store. We’ll require your password for changes to the most sensitive info to make sure you’re extra safe.



We’ve made the navigation even better so you can move around the app faster and with fewer taps. It’s really nice - try it!

We’re excited for you to check out this update and see all the power it puts in your pocket. Don’t have a shop yet? You can create a store from scratch within the app. Get Big Cartel 5.0 for iOS and take your store on the road.

10 September 2018

Words by:Andy Newman

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