• Updated on 21 July 2023
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ShipRobot is an intuitive and powerful ecommerce shipping app that makes it easy to manage and ship orders in one place. It supports popular sales channels and shipping carriers - no more copy and pasting to create a shipping label! ShipRobot can sync orders in real-time and create UPS, Canada Post, and USPS labels in less time.


  • Price: Free - $50 / month

  • Requirements: ShipRobot account

  • Developer: ShipRobot

  • Support: ShipRobot


  1. Create your ShipRobot account »

  2. Click Connect your store or channel and choose Big Cartel.

  3. When prompted on Big Cartel, click Allow to grant ShipRobot access to your account.

  4. You are then returned to ShipRobot and your store is connected!


  • Sync (import) Big Cartel orders in real-time.

  • Create and print shipping labels for Big Cartel orders.

  • Send delivery confirmation tracking emails automatically.

  • No more copy and pasting to create a shipping label!

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