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  • Updated on 15 January 2024
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By all means, use our logos, but please follow a few rules we have for our brand's proper care and maintenance.


The official spelling of our name is Big Cartel, not bigcartel, BigCartel, or any other combination. We realize that may be confusing since our name logo is all lowercase, but rest assured, there were completely valid, designy reasons for doing that.


If one of our logos will be the only presence of Big Cartel on the screen or page, use the name logo. If you'll be using our name in text elsewhere, feel free to use the fletch logo. The fletch is our trusty icon and should only serve as a supplement to our name, not a replacement.

You may use our logos and marks to refer to us and our tools or services, for example: I have a shop on Big Cartel. You may also use our logos and marks to indicate that your application was created using our tools and is compatible with stores running on the Big Cartel platform. For any uses outside of these, you'll need to contact us for our written permission.



Our logos need a little personal space. Include an area of clear space surrounding the logo that, at a minimum, is half of the logo's height. For example, if the logo is 200px high, use at least 100px space all around it. Best practice is to use the space outlined in the logo files.


The minimum size of our logos is 20px high. When you scale the logos, make sure their proportions are maintained—they don't like being skewed, slanted, stretched, or smushed.



Our logos should be either dark gray () or white. Use a dark gray logo over a white background, and a white logo over a color background or photography. Make sure that there's good contrast between your background and the logos.


  • Don't use the name and fletch logos together

  • Don't blow our logos out of proportion

  • Don't add effects or transparency to the logos

  • Don't rotate or crop the logos

  • Don't create a pattern out of the logos

  • Don't display our logos or marks in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, partnership, or endorsement

  • Don't use our logos or marks as part of your own product, business, or service's name

  • Don't alter our logos or marks in any way, or combine them with any other graphics

  • Don't violate any of our other policies

Big Cartel and the fletch logo are registered trademarks in the United States, Europe, Canada, and other countries. By using our logos and marks, you are bound by our Terms of Service and other agreements.

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