Use Your Voice and Vote

  • 13 October 2020
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Use Your Voice and Vote

With so much at stake this election, it’s never been more important to cast your ballot. We hope you do.

TurboVote: Answer a few quick questions on this site to sign up for election reminders and get help with voter registration in one place.

How to Vote: This site provides "everything voters need to know." From how to register to voting specifics, just enter your state and you’ll have all the info you need.

We took the mid-term election a couple years ago (feels like a decade, huh?) as an opportunity to work with artists in our community to drum up some excitement and enthusiasm for going to the polls. These three artists share strong voices and a passion for civic duty - we had a blast collaborating with them and wanted to tell you a bit more about them.

Kaylani Juanita


Website / Instagram

Kaylani is an illustrator based in Fairfield, California, who focuses on "creating inclusive picture books, editorial art, and afros." As an artist, Kaylani's mission is to "support the stories of the under represented and create new ways for people to imagine themselves." When Nia Wilson was murdered earlier this year, Kaylani created a beautiful image of Nia and posted it to her Instagram to honor her and bring awareness to this tragic, hateful event.

Bijou Karman

Bijou Karman_animation_square.gif

Website / Instagram / Shop

We came across Bijou's work earlier this year and featured her Peace poster. Her work centers around women and the feminine, a perspective that's dearly needed during this time. Women's rights should never be up for debate, and it's important to make that known with your vote.

Victor Melendez


Website / Instagram / Shop

Originally from Mexico City, Victor first studied electrical engineering before switching over to the world of graphic design. We met Victor at a conference earlier this year and couldn't wait to collaborate with him. He was also featured for his art for a cause - working with artist Marisol Ortega, the two created the eye-catching Feroz print and donated all proceeds to children at the border.

We hope you'll use your voice on election day: Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Whether you can vote or not, your voice matters. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you need more information on your polling place, find it at

13 October 2020

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