Step Inside Dave Arcade's Brain

Step Inside Dave Arcade's Brain

Did you know we have a beautiful, but totally-appropriate-for-the-size-company-we-are, HQ in downtown Salt Lake City? It's a great space where we go when we need to work together (most of our 37 employees live all around the US, after all), but it came with some big blank wall space. For a creative art company like us, that just wasn't gonna fly. We knew we’d be filling the space with art from our Big Cartel community, but we also wanted to rep some of Salt Lake's finest so we reached out to local illustrator Dave Arcade.

Our team worked with Dave to come up with a concept focused on highlighting both the makers in our community (art!) and our product (technology!). After a little back and forth and a lot of work on Dave's part, a mural was born and dare we say IT’S FREAKIN’ PERFECT?

We love it so much that we thought such a glorious mural deserved some time in the limelight. We found videographer Markus Aedo to tell the story behind the mural and take us into Dave Arcade’s brain. Enter at your own risk.

If you make art like Dave and are looking for a home to sell your work, we know a sweet lil’ company that’ll make that super easy for you. Check us out! 😉

18 October 2019

Words by:Vanessa Wardy

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