Shop Indie Gift Guide: Self-Care

  • 25 November 2019
  • 2 min read
Shop Indie Gift Guide: Self-Care

Scroll through any social media platform and you're sure to come across a number of posts about self-care or feeling your feelings and we'll tell you what - WE ARE 100% HERE FOR IT. Everyone cares for themselves and expresses their emotions in different ways and this here little gift guide aims to celebrate (and encourage) that. Without a doubt, this collection of tenderhearted goods will make anyone who receives them feel extra seen and supported.

The vibrant community of painters, jewelry makers, designers, and other artists who call Big Cartel home rely on shoppers like you for support. So go ahead, pick up a gift for a loved one (or yourself - we won’t judge!) from one of these indie artists.


Mesa Red Inlay Incense Holder by Knotwork LA Buy Now - $24.00


Be Kind to Yourself Pennant by Positive Pennants Buy Now - $20.00


Where is the Tenderness Embroidered Hat by Cool Try Buy Now - $30.00


Emotional Creature Eye T-Shirt by Notes to Self Buy Now - $26.00


Self Care Bear Print by Drawings of Dogs Buy Now - £40.00


You Can Cry Flag by Secret Holiday Buy Now - $100.00


Tight Enough to Feel Print by Alisha Davidson Buy Now - $18.00


The Forest Bath/Woodland Ritual Soak by Plankfolk Apothecary Buy Now - $20.00


Flower Bath Print by Julianna Swaney Buy Now - $25.00


Exercise Empanthy Enamel Pin by Drawings of Dogs Buy Now - £8.00


Balsam + Tobacco Intention Candle by Luna + Quartz Buy Now - $32.00


Directions by Hallie Bateman Buy Now - $35.00

For more great products from the Big Cartel community, check out Shop Indie and search #shopindie on Instagram.

25 November 2019

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