Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Art Collectors

  • 20 November 2019
  • 2 min read
Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Art Collectors

In this house we buy art. 🏠 Not just for ourselves, but as gifts for friends and loved ones, too! With all the affordable prints artists are offering these days, buying and sharing art has never been more appealing AND accessible. This gift guide lineup features a plethora of prints from a diverse range of artists with styles all their own.

The vibrant community of painters, jewelry makers, designers, and other artists who call Big Cartel home rely on shoppers like you for support. So go ahead, pick up a gift for a loved one (or yourself - we won’t judge!) from one of these indie artists.


Ibides & Hurricane Print by Mike Willcox Buy Now - $110.00


Eternal Dance Print by Evan M. Cohen Buy Now - $25.00


Fred Rogers Print by Arturodraws Buy Now - $35.00


Sunbather Print by Marc Martin Buy Now - $80.00


Aloe Study 1 Print by Chris Turnham Buy Now - $80.00


The Heart Keeps Looking for Itself Print by Christina Mrozik Buy Now - $59.95


A River Journey (Giclee) Print by Owen Davey Buy Now - £100.00


Letting It Go Print by Kim Knoll Buy Now - $30.00


Synth Dungeon Art Print by Eric Nyffeler Buy Now - $30.00


Wander Print by Brett Stenson Buy Now - $15.00


Tricksters Print by Jessica Roux Buy Now - $20.00


Reciprocated Affections Limited Edition Print by Strange Dirt Buy Now - $340.00

For more great products from the Big Cartel community, check out Shop Indie and search #shopindie on Instagram.

20 November 2019

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