Shop Indie: Buy What You Believe

Shop Indie: Buy What You Believe

This collection of goods come from Big Cartel shops doing their part to support what they believe in - and offering that opportunity to their customers, too. A portion of proceeds from each item in this guide goes to support various organizations doing the work to build a more just world for all. Organizations like Black Lives Matter, Trans Justice Funding Project, Know Your Rights Camp, Movement for Black Lives, and more.

From a print honoring queer artist and activist Audre Lorde to a t-shirt that encourages all who come across it to "check your privilege" - every item in this guide invites us all to loudly share what we believe in and make dedicated strides to support those values today and everyday.


Black Lives Matter Prints by Print Mercado Buy Now - $30.00


One Struggle, United Sticker by Solidarity Fund Buy Now - $5.00


Audre Lorde Print by Anna Brones Buy Now - $35.00


It's Time to Wake Up America T-shirt by Checks n Balances Buy Now - $24.99


Civil Rights Heroes Print Bundle by Holden Mesk Buy Now - $25.00


Note to Self T-shirt by Check Your Privilege Again Buy Now - $25.00


Black Lives Matter Poster by Bowerbox Press Buy Now - $25.00


Peacemaker T-shirt by Eight:Fortysix Buy Now - $35.00


Golden Boy Print by Bombo Buy Now - £10.00

1 July 2020

Words by:Vanessa Wardy

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