Seamless Order Emails

Seamless Order Emails

Starting today, the confirmation emails sent to your customers after each order will seamlessly match your store's theme. This new feature is live now for most shops, and everyone else can turn it on themselves. Awesome!

Why is this so awesome?

Establishing a solid and consistent brand for your business is a must. Everything from your logo, to your social media profiles, to your packaging, all of it needs to feel like you. Anything that feels off anywhere in your customer's experience can make you seem unprofessional.

Of course, this applies to your online store as well. That's why we've made it so easy to customize your shop to match your style. With a few clicks, your shop's images, colors, and fonts will be unique to your brand. And now, without any additional work from you, your order emails will match your brand too.

How do I turn on seamless order emails?

That's the spirit. If you've never customized the code in your old order email (most people haven't), or if you've just signed up (welcome!), then it's already turned on. You don't have to do anything. Head over to the Settings > Notifications area of your store's admin and send yourself a preview to see what it's like.

How do I turn it on if I have customized my current email code?

Easy - just head over to the Settings > Notifications area of your store's admin and click Switch to seamless email in the bottom right. After that, we recommend sending yourself a preview before you hit Save. Once you've switched to seamless emails, there's no going back.

What if I have customized my current email code and I don't do anything?

Your current email will continue to be sent until April 30th, at which point you'll be automatically switched over to seamless emails. So if you've only customized a few things in your current email, and don't want to bother switching yourself, no worries.

What if I need to customize my order confirmation emails?

Very few shops used our old email customization features (which is the reason for our change), but if you truly need to have completely custom emails for your orders, you have a few options before the April 30th deadline:

Need a hand with anything?

If you have any questions about this new feature, or could use some help making sure your shop is good to go, just let us know. We've always got your back.

3 March 2016

Words by:Matt Wigham

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