Playlist: Valentine's Day Special

Playlist: Valentine's Day Special

I’ve always felt confused when people complain that they hate Valentine’s Day. Growing up I saw it as a day to show appreciation for your friends by making them a card or giving them heart-shaped candy. I never even associated it with romantic love. It can be love for your friends that you’re celebrating, love for your dog, or love for your partner!

This is a playlist of my favorite songs about love and affection, to be played with whomever you love. Put it on while you cook spaghetti and split a bottle of wine. Play it when you’re hand-making a valentine for your best friend and getting glitter everywhere. Or play it when you’re painting your nails pink with little red hearts, watching Chocolat on Netflix, and sharing a pizza with no one but yourself!!!

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14 February 2019

Words by:Bijou Karman

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