New! An Easier Way to Add Integration Code

New! An Easier Way to Add Integration Code

Big Cartel teams up with several partners to add value to your store. With some, a series of confirmations will connect them to your Big Cartel store. For others that change the functionality of your customer-facing site, you need to add custom code to the design of your store.

You might add custom code to:

  • Create a “subscribe to newsletter” box in your checkout flow that automatically adds customers to your Mailchimp mailing list

  • Make your Instagram posts shoppable by connecting your store to Facebook Business

  • Add live chat tools like Lucky Orange and LiveChat

  • Use to add customer reviews to your shop

Being able to add code is not new to Big Cartel, but the process has changed a bit. Previously, store owners on any paid plan could edit their code and add bits of partner code as needed. The functionality they needed was all there, but someone could get lost in a sea of html, and if they decided to switch their shop design to a new theme, those scripts and tags would be removed and would have to be re-added. Your store’s new Integration Code area is easier to use and more secure than ever.

When a trusted partner asks you to add a snippet of code to the header or body of your shop’s code, just paste it into the correct box within the Design area, and we’ll make sure it ends up in the right place. Note: only paid plans have access to code editing tools.


And even better, we’ll keep those snippets safe when you make other changes, like updating to a new design theme, and keep them in place with the latest design. You’re free to change the look of your shop or update to the latest version of a theme for new features, without wiping out that partner code. To learn more and get step-by-step instructions, head to the Big Cartel help article about Integration Code.

And for our long-term store owners: if you’ve already added snippets directly to your store’s code, it’s still in place and working as before. We encourage you to eventually move any partner code snippets to an Integration Code field, so that you can change up your store's theme without losing any functionality. If you need any help making the change, reach out to our talented support team for a little guidance.

7 March 2023

Words by:Big Cartel

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