Mini-documentary with Vincent Serritella

Mini-documentary with Vincent Serritella

This is Vincent Serritella. He works at an animation studio, but even a full day of illustrating can't quite satisfy his creativity.

In 2013, Vincent created a different piece of art each day and would send it to anyone, anywhere, for free. His mission was to make art affordable, and to let himself try all sorts of styles and mediums, instead of only making work that will sell quickly.

His current project, called 52 Pick Up, again shares his talents free of charge. He's making a drawing each week and leaving it in the hands of a local business. Anyone can pick up the piece, they're just asked to support these San Francisco-area stores while they're at it. Vincent's drive to give back and share art with everyone is so special. Help us support his work by buying a print from his shop.

24 September 2015

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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